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  • Angel Whisperer Wales

Sunday 29 June 2022

North Penlan Community Center SA5 9AN

In these classes I help you reconnect with your higher self, and the Universal watchers I call Angels. This class is held once a month in Swansea on a specific Sunday 1 - 3pm

We start with a 30 min guided meditation, then I teach different types of Spiritual tools in each class eg. Psychic cards, Runes, Colour therapy ribbons and lots more.

Each class is only £5

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Caterina, Thank you so very much for my Beautiful Reading 😇🙏🏻😇xxx You are truly blessed by the Angels 😇 I thank Spirit for us meeting 🙏 💕xx. Take care and I will speak to you soon xxxxxxx 🙏🏻

Thank you for such amazing readings for both of us and such a warm welcome. I feel so much more positive ☺️. Look forward to catching up again soon xxxx