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About Me

Psychic, Medium & Energy Therapist

I am a Psychic and Medium, I believe in Angel’s who are beings of love and light. I am also able to connect with loved ones who have passed over to the spiritual world. My life’s purpose is to help others become Aware of their own abilities to reconnect with the Universal energies. I've had the pleasure of working with angel’s for over 25 years to help and teach others how to open up their own spiritual potential.

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I would like to say Thank you from my heart to all my clients, without them I would not be successful in pursuing My life's purpose. I will always guide my clients with honest and true results through my Psychic,  Mediumistic and Healing  therapies. Please read below, what some of my clients ha ve to say about my work and the experience they have had with me. 


" You have been amazing thank you for bringing me close to my dad and Thomas. Perfect timing I have been drawn to you through the spirit world and I feel happy and enlightened

             Love always Sarah"


"Thank you for my fabulous reading, Bringing me comfort from my farther and helping guide me to the next thing. I was so glad I was guided to you for my reading I will defiantly come back when the dust settles
Anna" x


" Thank you so much for my reading 

I feel like I got a lot from you and enough for me to move on with my life

               I will be back



Psychic Guidance, Healer & Energy Therapist

Stairway to Heaven. The stairs at the en

My Psychic and Mediumistic guidance comes from a deep connection with the soul and unconditional love. The channeled messages my clients receive from their loved ones who have passed over, helps them move forward in their grief. The angel guidance and energy therapy helps them release unwanted emotional traumas from their past. Take a look at all of my services, below, and start connecting with the Universe today.



In these sessions I connect with friends and loved ones who have passed over to the spiritual side. Helping my clients to reconnect with their loved ones and for those in the spirit world to pass on their messages and guidance, and for some help them ease their grief. 

Combining our yin and yang energy creates pure healing - male hand opposite female hand wi

Aura, Chakra and Energy                  Therapy

£80- two hour session

These sessions can help you realign and balanced your energy fields. With this unique Universal Aura and Chakra cleansing therapy. I will help and guide you to reconnect with the Universal energies, so that you can cleanse your mind, body, and soul, with your own energy field. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional, spiritual level, to help them understand exactly what they need to cleanse out of their auras and balance their chakras.


Psychic card Reading

£40 per reading 

During this special time, I will be able to connect with your own Spirit Guides and Angels. They can help you get the guidance you need on... Family, Love life, Relationships, Finances, Career and lots more. These reading can highlight what might be around the corner they can also heal your emotins, helping you to move forward in your life.

World wide online reading's available 

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Healing Hypnotherapy


These sessions delve into your subconscious mind. I will take you on a beatiful  relaxing, guided meditation to help release tension within your body and into a deeper level of subconscious. Guiding you to get in touch with your all knowing higher self. These sessions can help you... Stop smoking, Loss weight, Heal emotional trauma, and much more.  

Your angel whispers

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"

Contact Me

Phone- 07904 507649

If you would like to contact me now please use the buttons below I look forward to hearing from you 

Based in Cardigan West wales

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